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Re-Imagining Imprisonment in Europe, edited by Eoin Carroll and Kevin Warner

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Re-Imagining Imprisonment in Europe, edited by Eoin Carroll and Kevin Warner

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A unique publication that re-imagines how we respond to people who fall foul of the law, recognising them as fellow members of our society, and treating them more constructively and with greater humanity.



Countries throughout Europe are sending more and more of their citizens to prison, yet this has no correlation with crime figures. Alongside this, people are being sent to prison for longer. It appears too that an increasingly punitive approach to penal policy is being adopted throughout Europe by parties coming from both the left and right of the political spectrum. While there has been an increase in domestic, European and UN prison oversight structures and corresponding pressures to reform prison policy and practice, conditions of imprisonment and the incidence of breaches in standards continue to be a matter of serious concern in many European countries.

This book stems from the Scribani international conference organised by the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice which was held in Trinity College Dublin. The chapters analyse some of the key features of imprisonment throughout Europe today, including the political, social and economic forces shaping prison policy and practice. Authors explore how people in prison are treated and portrayed and what future imprisonment should look like in terms of policy, population size, prison conditions and most importantly, its use.

A unique publication, this book brings together contributors from across Europe who work in different capacities in and around national penal systems: prison and probation officers, prisoner rights advocates, teachers, academics and others. A number of chapters act as conduits for the voices and opinions of people in prison. What binds together the variety of authors in this book is an immense desire to re-imagine how we respond to people who fall foul of the law, recognising them as fellow members of our society, and responding more constructively and with greater humanity.

About the Editors 

Eoin Carroll is Social Policy and Communications Co-ordinator of the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, Dublin. He was Conference Director of ‘Re-imagining Imprisonment in Europe: Common Challenges, Diverse Policies and Practice’, papers from which form this book.

Kevin Warner was Co-ordinator of Education in the Irish prison system for nearly 30 years until 2009. He chaired the Select Committee that formulated Council of Europe recommendations on education in prison (1990). He is now an adjunct lecturer in the School of Applied Social Science at University College Dublin and a board member of the Irish Penal Reform Trust



About the Contributors                                                        



1.  The Future of Imprisonment in a Modern Democratic Society, 

Andrew Coyle

2.  Re-Imagining Imprisonment: Punishment

Juliet Lyon

3.  Why Do We Send People to Prison?  A View from Ireland

Peter McVerry

4.  How to Reduce Prison Numbers: The Experience of Finnish Penal Policy                       

Tapio Lappi-Seppälä

5.  The Societal Impact and Role of Imprisonment:  An Example from Slovenia

Dragan Petrovec and Mojca M. Plesničar  

6.  Can the Criminal Justice System Promote Desistance from Crime? Learning from Labelling   

Shadd Maruna

7.  Women and Prison: Is There a Need for a Different Approach?   

Jean Corston

8.  The Social and Economic Costs of Female Imprisonment: The Prisoners’ Point of View

Rafaela Granja, Manuela P. da Cunha and Helena Machado

9.  Retribution or Restorative Justice: A False Dichotomy  

Patrick Riordan

10.  Managing the Reintegration of Prisoners in Belgium from a Prisoners’ and a Probation Officers’ 


Rudy Machiels and Aline Bauwens

11.  Desistance, Restorative Practices and the Role of the Prison Officer                  

Tim Chapman and Hugh Campbell

12.  Prisoner/Patient: Prisons as Mental Health Institutions                                                    

Bronwyn Naylor

13.  The Electronic Monitoring of Offenders in the European Penal Imaginary        

Mike Nellis

14.  Prison Education across Europe: Policy, Practice, Politics  

Anne Costelloe and Kevin Warner

15.  Speaking the Truth to Power: Parrhesia, Critical Inquiry and Education in Prisons      

 Aislinn O’Donnell and Jonathan Cummins .




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