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  • A Publisher's Guide to Self-Publishing Course

    The Liffey Press is delighted to announce that it will be running a new five-week course aimed at anyone who would like to get their written work into print. Advances in technology, in particular digital printing, mean that it is now possible to produce high quality publications at a very reasonable cost. Also, as the book trade continues to contract, many authors are finding it increasingly difficult to get their work published by traditional means. More and more, the solution will be for them to go out on their own. This course will take participants step-by-step through the entire publishing process with a particular emphasis on producing well designed books at the lowest price possible. Self-published authors have full control over their own work, and even fairly modest sales will allow them to at least break even. And if their book does very well…. 

    For more information see  http://www.theliffeypress.com/publishers-guide-to-self-publishing.html or ring David Givens at 01-8511458.

  • Irish Times review of Faithless calls it "a fascinating book, fabulously funny..."

    Tony Philpott's provocative new book Faithless was reviewed this week by Joe Jackson in The Irish Times. Joe said that Tony writes "beautifully... and movingly...",  "his knowledge of the subject is remarkable..." and "it is hard to deny what he says...". He also said that the book was "an insult to all theologians"!

  • The Fishmonger, Featuring Queen Elizabeth's visit to Cork, Will Be Launched in the English Market on November 27

    Pat O'Connell's captivating memoir The Fishmonger will be launched by Councillor Catherine Clancy, Lord Mayor of Cork, on Wednesday, November 27. The book, which offers a very amusing portrayal of the historic visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the English Market, is generating considerable pre-publication interest. A guest list of nearly six hundred people has been compiled and the launch promises to be a huge event in Cork.

  • Controversial Memoir Faithless by Tony Philpott Launched by Ian O'Doherty

    Faithless by Tony Philpott was launched on October 29 at the Irish Writers Centre by Irish Independent columnist Ian O'Doherty. O'Doherty said the book was "warm and funny, and possesses a lot of heart". He also praised Philpott for being "stubborn and belligerent" in his views on religion and called his book "hugely entertaining". For extracts from the book see www.faithlessthebook.com.

  • Taoiseach launches The Lightkeeper

    An Taoiseach Enda Kenny officially launched The Lightkeeper: A Memoir on June 4 at the Irish Lights headquarters in Dun Laoghaire. “A piece of social history,” was how Enda Kenny described what is perhaps one of the last accounts of the life of a lighthouse keeper.

  • Major review of Harry Kernoff: The Little Genius in The Irish Times

    Kevin O'Connor's biography of Harry Kernoff received considerable coverage on the review pages of last Saturday's The Irish Times. Reviewer Katrina Goldstone said that "... fans of Kernoff, old and new, will be delighted to see his work gathered in one place and in such a beautifully produced volume."

  • The Lightkeeper praised by Gay Byrne and The Sunday Times

    The Lightkeeper: A Memoir, by Gerald Butler and Patricia Ahern, was warmly praised by Gay Byrne recently on his Lyric FM radio programme, saying it was a "lovely read...you'll find it very enjoyable." Of the chapter on the 1979 Fastnet race tragedy he said that "the description in the book is just amazing". And in The Sunday Times, reviewer Alan Murdoch wrote: "Comprehensive and engaging, this timely account touches nostalgic nerves..."

  • Harry Kernoff: The Little Genius receives full page review in Irish Independent

    Kevin O'Connor's excellent biography of Harry Kernoff received full page treatment in Saturday's Irish Independent. Reviewer Brian Lynch said that "what makes it a guaranteed stocking-filler for Christmas and of lasting value is the large number of colour and black and white reproductions of Kernoff's wonderful work".

  • The Lightkeeper featured in The Irish Examiner

    The Lightkeeper: A Memoir, by Gerald Butler and Patricia Ahern, was featured in The Irish Examiner on Sunday, December 16. Ted Crosbie wrote that it was "an excellent memoir of way of life gone forever".

  • More Praise for Fiction & Physicians

    Stephen McWilliams' newly released book Fiction & Physicians continues to garner very good reviews. Dr Maurice Gueret in the Sunday Independent said that "The worlds of medicine and literature collide most happily in a book by a Dublin psychiatrist". And Dr Brian O'Shea in Psychiatry Professional says that "McWilliams writes fluently, covering a lot of ground entertainingly . . . giving us a book that will be the perfect Christmas present for literary medics".

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