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Healing the Hurt Child Inside: A Journey of Abuse, Recovery and Forgiveness, by Deirdre Brady

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Healing the Hurt Child Inside: A Journey of Abuse, Recovery and Forgiveness, by Deirdre Brady

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An inspiring story about recovering from child sexual abuse



This book tells the true story about a girl named Deirdre, who grew up in an unhappy and dysfunctional middle class home. Deirdre was sexually abused by her father at a young age and witnessed him molesting other children as well. She was made to feel unwanted and “in the way” by her mother, who never gave her time or attention growing up. Effectively abandoned by both parents, Deirdre felt confused, hurt and angry. She believed that she must be bad inside, rotten even.

Then, at the age of twelve, Deirdre was repeatedly molested by her eldest brother. This had a huge impact on her as she began to hate her changing body and herself. As a teenager, Deirdre’s home life became volatile, unpredictable and full of endless drama, primarily due to her father’s drinking. As an adult Deirdre was all messed up inside and her life was filled with pain and suffering, bad choices and self-hate.

Deirdre’s story doesn’t end there though. This is not just a tale about misery and misfortune – it is a story about hope and recovery, of understanding and healing. In her desire to be free from the pain that overwhelmed her, Deirdre undergoes intensive therapy that eventually leads to emotional freedom, forgiveness, joy and peace. She now lives a happy and fulfilled life, teaching and helping others to overcome trauma. Deirdre wants to share her story so that others can understand how they too can heal the hurt in their own lives.

“Deirdre’s story … is inspiring in how it shows how love shines through to bring light in the darkness” – Dr Philip Moore, from the Foreword

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author Brady, Deirdre
Editor No
Print Format Paperback
ISBN-10 No
ISBN-13 978-1-908308-90-0
Illustrations None
Date of Publication October 6, 2016
Number of Pages 256

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